More intuitive control.

When it comes to interacting with a computer, your options are either two-dimensional like the mouse, or binary like the keys on your keyboard. But your hands are three-dimensional and non-binary, so your tools should be too.

Get things done, quick.

Gest lets you map hand gestures to keyboard shortcuts, so you can control almost any app. Change the song? Flick your finger to the right. Increase the volume? Twist your hand. The best part is that you get to decide which gestures map to which actions.

Gest's technology

Gest was successfully funded on Kickstarter on November 28th, 2015. Thank you for supporting us!

Welcome, developers();

We provide access to four types of data.

The first is raw sensor data coming directly from our 5 IMUs. This option gives you the most control, but non-trivial programming is required to make this data useful.

The second is access to motion processed data, which means you get finger and hand orientations in real time. This makes it really easy to integrate with VR/AR devices and video games.

Third, you’ll have access to gesture data. You’ll be able to create and describe your own gestures, and get notified when they're made.

Finally, if you have two controllers, you'll have access to typing data. You'll get notified of keypresses, word predictions, changes and selections.

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